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How Safe Are Your Lotions?

Close Up Of Woman Applying Lotion On Her Arm On White Background” by imagerymajestic

Is lotion one of your essential items in your purse or home? Have you ever thought that as you are trying to relieve dry skin, that you could actually be harming yourself? It only takes 26 seconds for the chemicals…
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What’s With The Coconut Water Fad?

2“Coconut Water Drink” by tiverylucky

Coconut water seems to be everywhere now-a-days. You know it must be a profitable market when mainstream food manufacturers have jumped on the band wagon. Many of them reformulating their products and slapping on a new label to advertise that…
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The Savory Truth About Salt

“A Glass Salt Shaker” by Mister GC-bigger

  Is salt bad for you? Does salt cause high blood pressure? Or is it just medical dogma? Most everyone has heard at one time or another that you need to reduce your salt intake, or salt causes high-blood pressure,…
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5 Easy Changes For Better Health


Making changes for your health doesn’t have to be a dramatic event.  If you make small changes every day it will add up over time and you will see results.  Most people want better health, but don’t know where to…
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What’s In A Label? Organic VS All-Natural

“Shopping For Goods” by Ambro-bigger

  Are you confused when you go to the grocery store? Well, your not alone. Deciphering food labels and marketing claims can be challenging. Especially, when you have made a commitment toward avoiding GMO’s and living a healthier life. All-natural,…
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The Surprising Health Benefits Of Ginger

“Ginger Tea And Ginger Root ,fresh And Dried Herb” by Praisaeng

For thousands of years people have used the root of the ginger plant (Latin name Zingiber officinale)  for not only culinary purposes, but also for it’s amazing health benefits. The studies performed on the medicinal properties of ginger could probably fill an enormous sized…
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The Truth About Vegetable Oils

“Oil” by Idea go

For years the food and medical industry has touted vegetable oils to be ‘good for you’ and ‘heart healthy’. They have claimed that consuming saturated fat will cause heart disease but, the evidence is missing. What they have found is…
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Baked Creamy Chicken and Asparagus Casserole

chx casserole2

On our recent shopping trip to the local buy-in-bulk store my husband decided to thrown in our cart an abundant amount of asparagus.  Seriously!?  What am I supposed to do with all of this?  He said “What?  I like asparagus.”  Well, I guess I…
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How And Why To Eat With The Seasons

“Baskets Of Tomatoes And Vegetable At A Farmer's Market” by Sira Anamwong

There are so many reasons to cook and eat by the seasons. Eating organically is a good enough reason to follow the seasons with your cooking. But, when you eat food picked at the peak of the season you will…
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Is Your Body Baby Ready?

“Wonderful Pregnant Woman” by hin255

  Get Healthy Before Becoming Pregnant Having a healthy baby starts long before you conceive.  You may be mentally ready for a little bundle of joy but, is your body ready? If you are ready to have a baby it’s important…
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