How Safe Are Your Lotions?

Is lotion one of your essential items in your purse or home? Have you ever thought that as you are trying to relieve dry skin, that you could actually be harming yourself? It only takes 26 seconds for the chemicals in your lotion or personal care products to be absorbed into your body. That’s it! 26 seconds and chemicals have entered your bloodstream! There are some people who apply lotion several times a day for years. You may get some temporary relief from dry skin with occasional use of lotions, but extended use can cause dryness and skin irritation. The exact opposite of what you are trying to accomplish when applying lotion. This creates a never ending cycle that is quite profitable for the manufacturer.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. I guess you could say ‘you are what you wear’ just as ‘you are what you eat’. Conventional lotions contain harmful chemicals that accumulate in your liver and fatty-tissue, causing long-term health problems such as cancer, neuro-toxicity, infertility, and DNA damage.

5 Common Toxic Ingredient In Lotion

Aluminum is a bio-accumulative heavy metal that is the active ingredient in deodorants and can also be found in lotions, cosmetics and baking soda. Aluminum doesn’t normally leave your body. When applied topically it acts as a barrier, preventing your pours from purging toxins through your skin. This leaves the only place for toxins to be stored is in the closest fat reserve. Aluminum has been said to be linked to cancer, alzheimer and IQ damage just to name a few.

Alcohols are definitely known to dry out your skin. When you want lotion you are looking to moisturize your skin not dry it out. Alcohol strips away the natural acid mantle on your skin leaving it vulnerable to carcinogens, mold, bacteria and viruses as well as environmental toxins.

Parabens- methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben, isopropylparaben, and benzylparaben are preservatives found in food and personal care products. They are disinfectants, that is to say they have bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Parabens have estrogenic like properties and are known endocrine disruptors. Estrogen disruptors have been linked to cancers such as breast and testicular.

Phthalates are a group of chemicals used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastic and vinyl. Some phthalates are used as solvents (dissolving agents). They are also used in many other products, such as vinyl flooring, adhesives, detergents, lubricating oils, automotive plastics, plastic clothes (raincoats), and personal-care products (soaps, shampoos, hair sprays, and nail polishes). They are used in lotions to moisturize skin as well as in fragrances. Phthalates have been linked to cancer.  Phthalate names-BzBPor benzylbutyl , DBP or di-n-butyl, DEPor diethyl, DMPor dimethyl

Petroleum Products such as mineral oil coats your skin, which prevents it from breathing, absorbing and excreting. It also slows the skin’s natural cell development, causing your skin to age prematurely. Petroleum products have been shown to not only cause cancerous tumors, but also to cause long-term dryness of skin.

Those were just a few toxic ingredients in lotions, but there are many more! Thankfullly, nature has provided us with many safe natural solutions for dry skin.

My Top 3 Natural Moisturizers

Jajoba Oil is a great oil for dry skin, I use it daily as a moisturizer for my skin. Jojoba oil’s texture is similar to the natural oil produced by the human body and is easily absorbed by your skin. When purchasing jojoba oil make sure it is 100% Organic and free from fragrances and preservatives.

Coconut Oil is a great inexpensive way to combat dry skin. Unrefined coconut oil is an all-purpose moisturizer for all skin types and can also be used for chapped lips, too. Purchase organic as always.

Argon Oil is extracted from the fruit of Morocco’s argan tree. Argan is considered a dry oil and is absorbed quickly without a greasy feeling. It is that rich in vitamins A and vitamin E. Argan oil is also packed with anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid.  Purchase argon oil that is free from fragrances and other synthetic substances

Tell Me What Your Favorite Natural Remedy For Dry Skin Is In The Comments Below.

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