About Me

Hey!  You found my little place on the web!  I am glad you’re here!

My name is Elisha aka Crunchy Junkie.  Crunchy Junkie is a community for people who like to stick on the natural side of life.  A Crunchy Junkie is someone who loves real food, natural healing, home remedies, and wholesome recipes. If you have ever questioned most mainstream philosophies on healthy living, then this place is for you!



1610927_1574518762812918_9199893965869177907_n I am a Jesus loving, Crunchy Mama! That’s right, I’m a different kind of gal and I proudly label myself different!  I also happen to be a total cluts.  I possess an amazing ability to trip over nothing and walk into everything!   I can also be a bit of smart aleck.  Along with my passion for healthy living, I also am a self-confessed thrift store junky. I just can’t help myself, i love a good deal!

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Washington State) where I enjoy being a stay at home Mama to my daughter Violet.


I have a passion for all aspects of healthy living.  I believe that better health comes from making informed decisions from scientifically based studies on food, holistic medicine, vitamins, minerals and supplementation.

I believe our bodies have the ability to heal when given traditional nutrient dense foods, natural whole food based supplements , as well as eliminating toxic food and chemicals.

As someone who has suffered from digestive problems, anxiety, acne and other ailments; I know firsthand how a malnourished body and unhealthy diet can effect your whole life!

As I traveled down a long winding path of research and detox, I learned that my body has the ability to heal.  Instead of using toxic drugs to only cover-up or manage symptoms, I healed.  And now I want to help other people in their journey towards better health!


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